Thursday, February 13, 2014

in bali :: potato head

if i had to pick a favorite place in bali, it would definitely be here!! 

can't decided if it was the neverending flow of yummy drinks or the fabulous pool time we clocked while we were here... 

we rocked up super early and got a poolside cabana! a must have! the indoor seats simply didn't have the same feel!

such cute details!

me and my little chicken

the pool had a shallow area for kiddos to splash around but we are one of those crazy hovering parents when he's around water. so we kept taking turns to watch him. 

and eventually gave in and all got into the water! :) it was a fabulous day to be out chilling in the pool and we all got so tanned! it wasn't even funny! i feel kinda terrible because this would have been a good day to pull on his full-body rashie! and because of my silliness, he now has a bumblebee costume shaped tan-line. GAH!!!

"mr DJ, not feeling the song yo!"

any adventure that ends with THIS is a good one! :) 

we ordered tonnes of nibblies and they were yummy! im sure it didn't hurt that the weather was so beautiful and easy for everyone to hang out! if we had more time in bali, this would definitely be a revisit!! but definitely bring your sunscreen and bathers! this is no place for the sun-fearing crowd!



  1. Do you have to make reservations? And do you need a minimum spend to occupy the cabana?

    1. we made reservations at the resto but cabanas are first come first serve with a minimum spend of very little! i remember exceeding it even before we ordered food! :)


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