Tuesday, February 11, 2014

bali dreaming...

one of my favorite things when travelling is making a new place our own! the last time we were here, d picked a super luxe resort with private villa, filled with honeymooners and extravagant details but because it was so nice, we hardly ventured out of the resort. 

this time, because we've done that, we wanted to see a different part of bali and spend more time with our friends. so we picked a two bedroom villa with our very own private pool. it was so pretty and special!!

our little piece of paradise! 

we'd spend every waking moment pottering around the house. and blake would randomly jump in for a splash around! it was so nice!

our resort was staffed by the sweetest people too! they were always so kind and before we reached the lobby, you can hear them calling "blakie BLAKIEEE!!". and it felt like coming home to excited rellies!! one afternoon, we headed out for some spa pampering (and drinks for the boys..) and left him with one of the babysitters!! 

on the second day, they left us floaties around the pool!! hours of endless fun! 
we loved having breakfast served in our dining room every morning. a lazy and easy start to our day... and on our last evening, we voted to spend more time in the villa and ordered a pool-side grill out. which was perfect!! 

"can we pretty please move into a house with our own pool, papa?"

a special sidenote :: thank you for letting us crash your awesome vacation!! we love you ALL lots and can't wait for more fabulous adventures to come!! xx



  1. I am daydreaming now! Of Bali!!! ^_^

    Beautiful photo shots! I love them all.

  2. oh man.. i miss the warm tropical weather!

    1. i feel you babe!!! i used to miss the heat and clothes and even humidity!!! hang in there! spring will be soooo pretty!

  3. Hi,

    I am going Bali next month. The resort looks wonderful. Is it okay to share the name of the resort?

    1. sure thing! its kiss resort bali! :) have a fab time! x

  4. Hi,

    I am heading to Bali in 3 weeks' time! Would it be possible to share your intinery? Thank you so much! :)

    1. drop me an email at littleprojectsinstyle at gmail? xx


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