Tuesday, January 7, 2014

melbourne eats :: top paddock

before we left, we did zero research but had a few friends toss a few recommendations in our way!! (thank you dawn!) and that's what brought us to top paddock early one morning!

we didn't quite expect the crowd given that it was just a random work day morning but it was packed with stylish people looking all fabulous and perky! and super long lines picking up coffee and small brekkie treats! the singaporean in me was thinking "MUST BE GOOD!!"

we perched ourselves outdoors away from the crowd 
because it was a beautiful morning to be out!

the interior was gorgeous with tonnes of natural light and beautiful lush greens! service was quick and fuss-free but the menu was fancypants! not your usual bacon and egg selection!! i was specifically instructed to try the crab roll but they were out that morning!!

so i eventually chose the ricotta pancakes drenched in organic maple syrup. the serve was generous with delicious berries and mascarpone on top. made a crazily sweet treat for breakfast!! it was so massive i had trouble finishing one portion on my own!

we also ordered the gin and lime cured trout fillet and steak sandwich! everyone enjoyed their food and the coffee was spectacular... i could do with one of those right this second!

if i had one thing to change about this adorable fit-out would be babychairs! but there was a little park right across for this little guy to run around and we scattered a few toys under our table after his meal for him to play with. so it was all good! 

we'd love to come back again for brunch! but will be sure to avoid weekends and peak hours!



  1. That ricotta pancake is very tempting. Lovely park.

    1. i wished i could make fancy breakfasts like this everyday!! oh well.. only on vacations!


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