Thursday, January 9, 2014

the world is such an amazing place...

as you probably already know... our kid is a true blue boy's boy! his first proper work was "truck!" and is obsessed with anything with wheels. he loves it with such passion that we've soften our "no toys!" approach and got him a few too many trucks only for him to move on to his next obsession - CAR(s)!!

anyway, he's now at a nice place between truck, bus and car.
(and we'll try not to get into trains!!)

so one morning when we were out and about and decided to hop into a tram, he nearly died!
we had a good five minutes of exploration because the tram was in between shifts and the nice driver even showed him different buttons and "ding!" the bells for him. he was so chuffed!!

naturally, we spent the rest of the ride correcting him. whenever he said "bus!", we gently told him "not bus. tram!" and he would make vehicular sounds "hmmm hmmmmmm... DING!". it was really the best money spent! even passengers around us were amused by his enthusiasm. and for the rest of the morning, he would point out a tram each time it passed us by!!

good lordie!! a TRAM!?

exploring the world through his eyes makes one appreciate the things we take for granted so much more! im glad we had a moment to absorb it all in with this little one!! 



  1. What about Thomas the Tank Engine? If you buy him just one, he will become obsessed. You can't stop the natural boy instincts. Our house is still full of cars and trains for our 14 year old boy. They never grow out of it.

    1. im sure he will find out about thomas soon enough!!! im on borrowed time!!


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