Monday, January 6, 2014

a visit to the melbourne zoo

i have a confession to make. 

the whole time we were in australia, blake hardly left our home. for most days, we go for brunch near-ish home, plays in the backyard, sticks his beak into everyone else's business, goes for a massive run in the park... c'est tout! pretty low fuss! but he was having such a good time! so if it ain't broken, why fix it right? 

out of guilt, we decided to bring him to ONE kiddy focused activity - the zoo! :) 

i have pictures at this particular zoo when i was a little kid! but seriously, you don't go to the zoo much unless you're a kid or you have one, right? so not true!! 

we spotted tonnes of dating couples and family with grown up children and their picnic baskets enjoying the day with the animals! how cute!

with our little zoo animal...

 he really did like the spider monkeys that swung around non stop!! we reckon its because they were hyperactive just like him so they connected on a different level!! seriously though! the only other animals that he loved were the crazy swimmy seals!!

aww them three!!

my mum in law was particularly excited to meet the newly born baby elephant! he was born just a week ago and weighed 131 kilos!!! (can you freakin' imagine elephant childbirth?) and we somehow got the timing right and was just in time for bath and feed time! 

such a cutie patootie ellie!!

and we snuck in the caves to take a peek at my favorite animal of all times.. the wombats! they are so fuzzy and cute. and their arses can crush a dingo's head!! how cool is that right?

the zoo had cute little features speckled here and there for kiddos to touch, feel and climb around!! kinda fun for the big kids in us too!!

we love you, our baby wombat!!

im sure the melbourne zoo would mean more to blake when he can identify animals! so we'll definitely be back! till next time, animals! 



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