Friday, December 13, 2013

tokyo :: tokyo toy museum

back when i used to take japanese classes, and failed miserably, i used to have classes in a renovated elementary school! the classes were held by these lovely japanese ladies who worked out of goodwill and they were so sweet! unfortunately, i got caught up in life (read :: lazy) and gave up. but i always remembered seeing little kids coming with their mamas to our school building to visit the toy museum!

so we thought to bring bubba there!

we knew that something was weird when we say TONNES of kids and strollers leading to the museum! its hidden in a completely inconspicuous little lane in yotsuya.. and its usually so quiet and peaceful! but it was mayhem! in a cutesy japanesy organized mayhem kinda way... 

because they were holding their annual toy carnival!!

so instead of just the regular toy museum (which is usually quiet and peaceful like this) they had tentages of toy makers, outdoor play areas, food stations the full works...

on the upside, there were tonnes of kids to play with but we really wanted a quiet afternoon with bubba to explore the space and watch him play with some toys and maybe pick up a few for him to remember his first trip to japan... 

but so many kids and adults and so many rules it did our head in! 
blake had a blast but we didn't. 

we let him play with a few things like this really nice ball pen filled with rounded wooden balls! such a nice feeling to run your fingers through it!! 

p.s. we dressed blake "japanese"! which in our world means throw all the colors and textures in one outfit! but he totally blended in the crowd! not too crazy actually! :) 

we were REALLY trying to sell him on this funny mushroom toy! see the mushroom head? you put it into the orange lid hut. then when you place it on an incline, it will "push" over the door on the orange lid hut, and rock itself slowly like an elderly horse down the slope to hit the little pins like a slow mo bowling game. so so cute! but blake didn't get it. and kept trying to stop the door.. 

oh well!

we'll just have to come back another time when its not carnival time!! the tickets are usually 700 yen for adults, 500 yen for grade school kids and free for under 2s! there is also a darling 0-3 room with beautiful decor and toys to explore!!

see you next time, funny mushroom toy!


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  1. Wow, the wooden toys are beautiful (and such a refreshing change from the rainbow riot in our usual indoor playgyms)!


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