Monday, December 16, 2013

cake pops making at grub!

when we received an invite from lovely amanda for a cake pop party at grub, first i thought... hmmmm grub

and then there was this sense of dread because the invite was extended to blake! i know i'm such a terrible mom! but he's at this stage where he's incapable of independent play (ie WILL jump into a pond or leap at a dog) and yet is conscious enough to want to participate...

but hmmmm grub!! so we rocked up to a little bit of ....

naked cake pops!!!

the cake pop making session was tonnes of fun!! but lemme tell you, my calling is not in the kitchen! i kept goofing up the pops even though all i did was decorate!! and i couldn't even blame it on the kiddo! he was happily strapped in and entertained by the snacks and toys i kept throwing at him!

NONE of these were mine.

mine was seriously the most hilariously messed up cake pop ever! but looking around the table, the other kids and moms were doing such a fantastic job. it would make such a great party for little friends!! or a fun team-building activity for not so little friends!!

while we waited for our pops to set in the chiller, we were treated to a lovely christmas lunch off their holiday menu (available only in december!)

and my kid ripped through most of my meal!! he especially loved the gorgonzola, potato and leek soup and turkey and kept asking for more!! i've never had an easier meal with this kid! ahhh bliss!!! the menu was hearty and absolutely delightful and by dessert, i was bursting at the seams! 
(in an unglamorous but gooooood kinda way!)

{will clean plates for food}

after that, the kiddos all headed out for a bit of a run around in the park while we caught up and had a good chat!! seriously the best way to celebrate the end of a fantastic year! one year ago, if you told me i'd be chilling out with a bunch of lovely moms (and one awesome dad!) while our kids played together, i would turn green with envy. but here i was! it was a real dream!


so if you're thinking about where to have a lovely meal and celebrate with your loved ones, i'd definitely recommend heading to grub!! 

thanks for having us, amanda and mervyn and the lovely family at grub!!
and have a lovely christmas, guys!! 



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