Thursday, December 12, 2013

this is the day....

... that the Lord has made.

we got a few pictures of blake at sunday school when we were invited to their children day fun day!
(im super behind in entries ya!?)

he'd been going to sunday school with my parents for a while. we didn't baptize blake at birthday because like his nationality, we wanted him to be able to choose his religion as he wishes. but we did want him to grow up in church like we did ourselves. so when my folks offered to take him on saturday night (woohoo date night!) followed by sunday morning church, we jumped at that opportunity! 

the best part is, sunday school is taught in mandarin so its putting his second language to practice!!

he's way too young for formal classes but he crashes their session and really enjoys the songs. this is him back before he could stand/walk! but didn't stop him from going up front to "perform" with the teachers.

and that enthusiastic lady in red leggings.. that my mom! 

they had a mini birthday celebration and it was blake's birthday month so he went up for a blessing and everyone sang birthday song to him! :) 

its kinda cute that he goes to sunday school in the same hall as i did as a wee little child. i have such lovely memories of my teachers (some of them still serving!), my friends i grew up with who all bring their bubs to sunday school now and learning about the bible. 

and from the warm enthusiasm he's received from his teachers and his face as he bounces to the music, i can tell that he's having a great time there too! 


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  1. the lady in green in the last pic actually looks like my friend! which area is your mom's church, and i have to say, she's sucha cool popo!



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