Monday, December 2, 2013

if i ever need a part-time job...


heh! this one i've been wanting to write about for a while.. but i thought, firstly my family reads this (hi dad! *sheepish waves*) and secondly, i wasn't sure if it was just a passing fad! 
but what the heck!! 

two terms later... I CAN DO THIS! :) 

i wished i had the abs to show you videos of me in action. or pictures of me all swish and hot in class... but while i've been concentrating on the moves and building the muscles, i don't feel like im ab-ready yet!! so you just gotta hang around long enough till i get there! 

but it's seriously the BEST part of my week! 

im not going to go all preachy on you on the importance of sport, or having an identity of your own... to each their own. and no discussion here about how appropriate/inappropriate it is to run around in skimpy underwear. but it works for me and its the one time in the week my brain is NOT thinking about being a better mom! seriously.. the last thing you think about while doing a cat pounce and a hair flick is the importance of bedtime routine!

each week, i pop the kid into bed, change into my workout gear and rush to class with my girlfriend (hot mama of lilac petals fame). we spend the hour warming up, DYING from the crunches, oogling at our hottie teacher, spotting each other while doing tricks, die laughing with the other girlies and shed silent tears at the average age of our fellow classmates. then we drown our sorrows with a gratifying cuppa soy bean milk!! seriously, can't beat that!

p.s. at the end of each term, you put up a little showcase for your partner/family! and they getta come check out your moves (and other girlies!)! funnest thing ever!! shame we haven't and wont be in town this term. but all the more reason to sign up for the next time!!

fabulous abs and ass, here i come! 



  1. i miss pole!! i will always remember my first lesson because i actually became nauseous from motion sickness :P how embarrassing.


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