Friday, November 29, 2013

evenings are best spent together...

everyone looks forward to the end of the day! whether you work in an office or from home or like myself... do absolutely NOTHING all day but sip tea and nibble on dainty sandwiches!

we absolutely LOVE receiving a call from papa saying "im on my wayyy!!!" 
seriously the best news ever!

even better if its early enough to squeeze in an adventure before (blake's relatively early) bedtime! 

THAT's what im talkin' about, folks!

don't worry! he only ate half of that unhealthy tower of ghee, flour and sugar!! on top of his regular dinner! shocking!!! 

then we hopped across the road to work off a little bit of that chub rub!!

its daniel's dream come true to have a little buddy to do sporty things with since he's given up on me! he is counting down days till blake can throw baseball or spend copious amount of time in the bike store with him.

FOUL, buddy!!

"sheeze, my coach is a toughie!" 

we zombie-walked around the track a bit, watched other papas kick a ball around with their kiddies in the field, said hey to d's friend who was having some serious training sesh (i think poor d shed a silent tear..) and hopped on our bike to head home just in time for bedtime!!
this thanksgiving, im giving thanks for precious evenings like these!

hope you have some serious fun this weekend!
(and OH MAN! ITS DECEMBER!!! freak out!!)


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  1. Your boy is so adorable!!! I also so look forward to evenings where everyone is together.

    You have great weekend there.


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