Tuesday, December 3, 2013

instant mee cook-off!!

i don't believe i've not written about this! this happened a bazillion years ago! my system has been flushed of all the MSG we inhaled that day and im back to my unhealthy instant noodles eating ways...

but we've been having international cuisine day since we were in college! what started out as super simple pizzas and cookies out of the box morphed into fancy full on vietnamese feasts, mexican soirees and the works. unfortunately for some *cough*me*cough, my culinary skills have not progressed much.. so i was super excited when we suggested an instant noodle cookout..

also known as the day, we ate ALL of this!!

let me explain the rules. 

we each had to cook our own noodles, we were allowed "secret ingredients" but all that was provided by our host was water, a pot and eggs. we had to cook (2) packets and present it in front of everyone. then we'd sample the noodles, and without passing our individual judgement move on to the next tasting. there was a short break in between each noodle and some palate cleansers to serve as a reset.

the order that you present your noodles was decided by rolling the dice (i unfortunately got the lowest!! 4/15! WTF!!!).

char mee with secret ingredient of scrambled egg, pork floss and pan fried sausage. 
very sophisticated!

presenting our noodles individually after we cook! this was nervewrecking!!!
my secret ingredient was my mom's awesome fresh garlic chilli and luncheon meat chips!!


we step into THE room, where a camera, a single lamp (like in interrogation rooms) is set up. and you hold up the packet of your favorite noodle and explain why you liked it. just like in survivor.. kinda. we don't vote anyone off! obviously, you're not allowed to pick your own! 

our vote was unanimous (myojo ramen!) and by this point of the night, we were sooooo MSG-ed out that we were struggling to keep awake!! we all solemnly swore off instant noodles for a while. you'd be pleased to hear i lasted all of (2) days without a midnight snack of instant mee!!
i'd been nervous about it all week so i cooked it a few times that week to get the timing and water level right!! turns out my pals have been secretly doing the same!!
totally can see why we're friends!!

here's to many more years of instant mee and friendship, pals!



  1. it's 1.30am in paris and I made the rookie mistake of reading this post. now trying very hard to resist temptation of making myself a bowl of tom yum instant noodles...

    1. OOOOPS!!! " hope you caved into that temptation!! lol

    2. I didn't last night (yay little victories) but can't promise tonight...

  2. Do you mean Myojo Mee Pok Dry? My husband's favourite! I've never eaten the green one that you cooked though. What's that one?

    1. same family! but its "mee kia" instead of mee pok! :)

      the green one is tung-i!! :) the best! do you need a love package sent to you soon! :)

    2. so true ! I only know tung-i because my mom buys them. tung-i noodles are the best !


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