Friday, December 6, 2013

happy birthday, kate!!!

a few weeks ago, we were invited to little kate's birthday bash!! 

lemme tell you, i was MASSIVELY excited about it for the longest time. like pee-in-your-pants excited! firstly, i love parties!! it's such a happy thing where everyone gets together and celebrate "yayy! you're one year older!". isn't that such a special thing? and because it was princess theme and it was meant to be a dress up party!! *sigh*

us adults were gonna all dress up. and we had these tulle dresses ordered online. very serious business! but it was not meant to be. our order didn't arrive on time, leaving us to scramble around for whatever we could find in our wardrobe...

not too shabby, right?

"honk honk! earth to mum! it's not YOUR party, yknow?"

my priorities are all messed up sometimes! so, its really so hard to dress boys up to a princess theme! wadaya come as? a knight? a bow and arrow? a horse? but since i was dressing up, we HAD to come up with something for blake...
(oh! thanks korkor and jiejie for b's pressie!! im gonna take a viddy of him enjoying it soon!)

blakie teamed up with his cutie mate, ryan! 


don't worry... no one could! they were meant to be these little guys! because the lovely birthday girl was little miss cinderella, we wanted to be part of the birthday entourage... but didn't do a good job obviously cos everyone kept going.. sorry WHO!?

the birthday princess.. having a ball at her party!

it was mayhem!! so many kids, so many party treats, so many doting adults... blake had so much fun running around. and snacking. and playing. he's a real party animal this kid of mine!

we love you kate! 

thanks for being such a joy in our lives!! 
we hope you grow up knowing how much we will always love you!!



  1. You were the best dressed hands-down, Snow White!

    1. awww no fight compared to birthday girl! :) but i was a little more dramatic than necessary!

  2. Happy birthday to Little Kate! Nice birthday theme!


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