Monday, December 9, 2013

tokyo :: bills

when we touched down in tokyo late at night, we took a deep breath and daniel said. "we are home!" blake must have sensed how excited we were and was wide awake at 10pm. he gamely followed us grocery shopping (where everything from toothpaste to fresh milk looked amazing!). a late night snack and a walk around our hood!

we were very pleased that he slept in the next morning and woke up bright and chirpy!! we took him to brunch to meet ...

auntie jen!!

we met up at the gorgeously lit bills in omotesando! when we left, this place was the rage! but this time we got away with an easy wait of 30 mins! special mention goes to the amazing roof garden outside starbucks where bubba spent his time climbing and exploring...

its little details like that we really appreciate these days. it would KILL our morning to have him squirm and whinge the whole 30 mins while we perch ourselves alone the narrow stairways!

see what a good bit of sunshine and fun does to him! 

the food didn't disappoint! and we have two coffees because we were enjoy the peace and quiet while blake napped!

love the space! its so cosy and airy!! perfect for brunching and chilling! they also have an outdoor patio but it was a bit warm that morning to be sitting outside!! after brunching, we split into boy girl tag teams *snigger* and went shopping respectively!! apparently the boy team did sooooo good navigating through the tight aisle of camera stores in shinjuku cos the bubba was passed out the entire time!! 

but we convened after a lovely afternoon of shopping at our favorite tonkatsu restaurant (not the most kid-friendly but still super yummy!!) and wandered back to our nest with the little birdie in tow! he was delightful in tokyo! he was fascinated by the sound and lights, enjoyed the curiosities we bought and really really enjoyed the cuisine. i don't think there was anything he tried that was too out there for him! 

maybe its the water or something familiar in the air but 
yes love, we are indeed home!



  1. Aah, I miss Japan! Before I read your blog, I was never a fan of Tokyo, now I want to go back and visit the places that you've written about! :)

    1. just the tip of the iceberg!! so many more awesome places to explore!! :)


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