Thursday, December 5, 2013

chicago :: open books

one of the things on our shopping list was to pick up some books for blake. there were a few that we lost or got so torn up that we couldn't get in singapore and we had a few titles we wanted to get him started on! 

but man! its hard to find a bookstore!! we were keen to find a cute little indie bookstore (like woods in the book) with curated titles or something with a storytelling session. but the ones we found were wayyy out in the burbs! so when daniel found open books, we were very excited!

located a few blocks away from the magnificent mile, open book store is ground level in a brickstone building! very warm and cute!!

but more importantly, we love what they stand for. through community programs and funding from the sale in the bookstore, they work to promote literacy in chicago. i truly believe in this cause. i think the ability and passion to read takes a child very very far. 

anyway, we zoomed in on the children book section. as we were there later in the evening and on a weekday, they weren't having story telling session. but that also meant that we had the whole cozy nursery section to ourselves! 

our little reader dove right in and started flipping through pages. at one point, i turned around with a stack of books tucked under my arms to see daniel and blake sprawled on their tummies trying to pick the BEST board book from the pile. 

it took A LOT to not buy this book. 

a whole collection of golden books! i have a soft spot for story books with a personal note on the cover. from granny for christmas or with love from papa. all so sweet (but a little sad that the book was given away eventually!)

after a good long search, we picked out a stack of books for blakie. each book cost between $1 - $3.50!! i even picked up a few vintage ones which im thinking to put in a picture frame and hang it up in his nursery!! i mean how seriously funny is that monkey with mittens on!! :) when i can find the courage to cut them up! in the meantime, they're staying stashed away in my pretty wardrobe... 

away from grubby hands! :) 



  1. Great to start reading habit on young children. :)

    1. thats what we were told! so we started him on reading right from birth!! and now he enjoys flipping and blabbering to his books!! funny!!


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