Monday, September 30, 2013

a little baby shower for erica

last weekend, we had a little get together to celebrate erica's twinnies! thing with second (and third) kids.. you get caught up with loving the first and sometimes we forget to make a huge deal out of it!! so, it was a super last minute!! we had about one week to invite everyone, find a place and get all the details organized!! and it was madness! 

we eventually decided on little diner, along bukit timah road, as out party venue. we knew for sure the food would be good and we won't have to fuss around the kitchen that morning!!

but everyone chipped in and look at our table! 

not too shabby, huh? 

team erica, rather pleased that we got everything together ahead of schedule.
and even managed to take a group picture! 
but the FUNNIEST thing is... this was the only group picture we took without our guest of honor!!
so silly!!!

our custom ordered pancake-cake! with themed pancakes to match the boy-girl theme!
such a cute idea, wasn't it?

happy baby shower, hon!
(and a goofy photobomb, bev!)

posing with placecards.. as you do! 

the week leading up to the surprise party, we saw erica a couple of times and each time, i had to remind my loud mouth to not say a thing. i was so stressed i kept avoiding her!!
glad i don't have to do that anymore!!

the crew who stayed behind and chatted even more! :) 



  1. Thank you once again for organizing it babe. It was such a lovely surprise! <3

    1. awww so well deserved hon! :) i wished we couldve done more! :)


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