Tuesday, October 1, 2013

diy :: a embroidery rainbow wall

inspired by the liberty of london swatch display in purl soho store a good five years ago, i knew one day i'd definitely come back to that idea. so one lazy afternoon, with a good chunka time in my pocket, i decided to get down to it!

my good ole craft buddy in action!

it was super nice going through my fabric pile. because im such a hoarder, i had fabric from back when i was living in the states, quilting squares from my lazy afternoon adventures in nippori.. and scraps from old clothes i couldn't bear to toss out. each one of these told such a sweet story! and i love that daily reminder right in our living room above the couch!

it was super cute when blake noticed it first thing when he woke up and pointed at it squawking! initially i was worried i would turn out all white home into a little girlie craft room but the husband approves so it can't be that bad!! its so nice to do things for people that appreciate!!

*stares daggers at snoozy musashi*



  1. ooooh so pretty! i might have to steal this idea! xx

    1. oh it's so simple! i wanna see it if you do it! :)

  2. Cute! I am totally doing this too for "our" study :P

    1. its totally gender neutral! :) there's blue in it! ;)

      at least that's what im telling d! :)

  3. This embroidery has really attracted me a lot.I had also found this type of work also on



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