Thursday, September 26, 2013

rainbow party :: happy birthday daphne!!

last weekend, we celebrated my best friend's birthday together with mine! we are born a week apart and thought to share a party! we kinda got that idea late but thought it should be fine to just book macdonalds and all indulge in a happy meal and have someone else throw a party for us... wrong wrong wrong! EVERY macdonalds is booked out until november! dangit!

so we invited everyone over, ordered some of our favorite food and had a ball!
but of course not without a little rainbow photo backdrop!

the cutest party guest! she announced that "bakie" is her best friend!
schooooo cute!

and muu's pal, waffles!

i was all fussed about placecards, buffet table labels and enough seating for guests but all they wanted was to sit around the kiddos and play with the toys! best guests ever!!

and this epic cake daphne brought!! we're still eating birthday cake for dessert and breakfast (and every possible moment in between!) 

gahhh these people seriously make me happy! 
(including the husbands behind the camera!) 

happy birthday babe!
so glad to share the day with you!!



  1. Oh my goodness that cake! It looks like fun; happy belated birthday!

    1. it was a lovely day! :) and even though i was all stressed about the decor, it really was the people that matter. how come i don't learn that after so many parties.. *sigh*

  2. Blessed Belated Birthday, Babe! Love DIYs!

    1. thanks hon! its not belated! :) its coming soon!

      me too! just wished i had more time for it!


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