Monday, August 12, 2013

photography :: nagano toyokazu

much to my delight, my husband started picking up the camera again! and so we've been having more pictures of musashi and blakie!! ah the joy! :) im such a huge fan of his pictures, albeit rather biased, but i absolutely love the way he captures our boys...

of course that doesn't stop me from being a stickybeak so i've been looking for inspiration online! and found japanese photographer, nagano toyokazu, and his set of hilarious pictures of his child.

i love the creative direction behind these pictures!

makes me miss japan and her quirkiness just a little bit more!

hope you are having a cheery morning!



  1. hahaha those photos are so japanese! but so hilarious!

  2. I'm sure you've seen these pics, yes? --

    can't wait to see more pics of Blake and Muu! and the whole family! xx

    1. YESSSS! huge fan of his work too!!

      can't wait till the kids can stand (at least blake!) so we can get more creative with the pictures!


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