Tuesday, August 13, 2013

our littlest :: nine months

in a bid to keep up with his monthly updates and not bore the crap out of people who are not his parents! (heh) here are nine things about our nine month old bubba...

{watermelon yums!}

one - he is one cheeky fella. that would be one word i'd use to describe him... cheekiness!

two - he scoots around at such high speed its hard to keep track of where he is. but the universal rule applies. if you don't hear him, then he is definitely up to no good. his recent discovery.. our steamer. loves to take apart the water container, drag it around the house, leave a trail of water and play with the little reservoir of water in the steamer. yuck.

three - loves mealtime.. and will try any food we put in front of him with gusto. we've gone for asparagus, baby pasta, cheese, peppers and pork this month. all winners. my parents fed him durian.. not a fan but slurped it all up anyway. see what i mean by greedy? 

four - his first words are "papapapapappa" for his daddy and "mamamamamamaa" for me/food/frustration. im feeling a little resentful that i have to share that word with so many other critical things in his daily life. but on the upside, we hear "mama" more often than "papa"! :) 

five - he doesn't have stranger anxiety (yet)! he will go to anyone who gives him attention. our rellies, cleaning lady and his teachers are crazy about him. and we get a break from holding him! yay!

six - we have teeth! yayy! two itsy bitsy ones!!

seven - we've lost the ability to nap in stroller. which means we plan our day around his two naptimes... royal pain in the bum but i keep telling myself this too shall pass. 

eight -  he gets major giggles watching his dad juggle.

nine - favorite corner in the house - the bookshelves. he'll pull books down and "read" them to himself in googoogagahs. it keeps him busy for a good 10 mins so we let him do it. 

i've really enjoyed his company and can't wait to see what else he gets up to next month!
love you, pumpkin!



  1. he is outgrowing his cuteness and moving into handsomeness!! ah! where did the chubbs go?


    1. awww you're too sweet!!

      i know right? his chubbs simply stretched out!!


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