Thursday, August 8, 2013

my mother in law's warm salad recipe

my mother in law is enjoying her summer vacation in hawaii. three long weeks of beaches, catching up with her girlfriends and uninterrupted sleep. very well deserved break but we miss her fabulous-ness like mad...

when she's around, im on vacation!! she's so much fun and such a sweet person.
she spends her days pottering around the home with us, reading to blake, going on walks and making us amazing meals.. everyone of our friends love her because she makes everyone feels at home!

i've not bothered to learn this properly from her because i think that "nevermind i'll learn it the next time!". but now im craving this and she is soooo far away!

1 - roast assorted veggie in oven with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. throw in a few garlic so its fragrant too! this takes around 30 mins and our favorite things to throw in are asparagus, peppers, pumpkin and mushroom.. basically anything that looks amazing in the markets.
2 - arrange it on a bed of fresh lettuce and tomato
3 - serve with panfried haloumi and/or sausages and a baguette

i think of her lots when i have this salad because its simple, unassuming yet comforting
and its the yummiest meal!! if we have leftovers, we pop it into the fridge and have it as a side, or in a sandwich or toss it into a pasta! nothing wasted at all!! 

oh come back soon, mama!
we miss you lots!



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