Wednesday, August 7, 2013

about movies...

 just the other night, we were debating which movie to watch! since my parents are back in town, date night is back on!! its a close battle between "red" and "before midnight". no prize for guessing which one im voting for! 

me :: man! i can't wait until blake starts watching movies...
daniel :: meh! it'll be soon. but we'd have to end up watching "turbo".
me :: *roll eyes and mumble something about hating action movies blablablahhhh*
daniel :: do you know what turbo is about?
me :: *still disgruntled*
daniel :: RACING SNAILS!! 

and both of us died laughing.. 

seriously, how can there be a movie about racing snails! 
and more importantly... i don't believe i'll be paying to watch it soon. and probably own the dvd box set after and be watching it on repeat at home! #fml

for that reason alone, i think i deserve to watch "before midnight". 
case closed.

p.s. its almost the long weeked!! yahooooooo!!



  1. Guess what? I watched Turbo today!! Hahaha! And it was really good, I swear!

  2. i don't belieeeveeee!! is it by regular standards or mummy standards!? :)

  3. oh my i loved the before sunrise and before sunset movies! just watched before midnight too. julie delphy is brilliant!


  4. Hahaha! Don't knock the snails till you've seen it! (I'm only saying it cos I paid full $$ for all three kids to watch it during solo parenting weekend. =) ) But it's not too bad a show!! Promise!


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