Friday, August 16, 2013

grub in bishan park

after seeing everyone rave about the food at grub, i've been dying to visit! 
so when my girlfriends suggested dining there one a rare girls night out, i was super excited!
so excited that we yakked the night away and i didn't take a single picture!

but i knew for sure i wanted to take these munchkins back for more grub!

the husband predictably went for a burger!
he ate it so fast we didn't get to try but im going to assume it was delish!

my mother-in-law and me both ordered the signature fish burger! such spectacular presentation..
and it was so yummy! the fish was so fresh we shared a bit with blake! chubster gobbled it all up! 

we were there early enough for blake to have a cycle through the park after dinner!! which was the funnest thing! he was so excited waving at the dogs and people running by! i can't speak for all kids but this little guy really does well outdoors. all he needs is a little burst of fresh air and he's contented and sleeps like a baby. if i try to coop him indoors for too long, he goes bananas on me!

its such a brilliant idea to have such a homey and delicious food option in the park. the meal was fuss-free and so relaxed, we really couldn't ask for more on a mid-week evening!! 

bonus point for bumping into amanda and her cutie boys before the meal! :)
 we'd definitely be back for more! 


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