Monday, August 19, 2013

about shoes...

what do you think about shoes?

in our family, less is more. the saddest thing about living overseas is the inability to wear flipflops as everyday shoes... i know its terrible to be that lazy with footwear! but more often than not, you'd find me and daniel in our ugliest but most comfy flipflops. i only make an exception for gorgeous sky-high stilettos!

so unsurprisingly, baby blake is often seen around town barefoot! 

but we thought it was about time for this little man to start. so we recently got him a few pairs of super soft walking shoes and even one pair of baby havaianas (the cutest!!)!!
we were also gifted these gorgeous nike kicks from auntie andrea!
(thank babe!!)

guess what? 

we got all the way to the lobby for this little mister to reach down, undo his velcro and kick off his spanking new shoes. when we found him, he was looking rather pleased!

*deep breaths*

baby steps, i guess! 



  1. Karissa isn't a fan of shoes as well. She's always trying to pull/kick them off. Sigh. Guess that's what happens when we keep them barefoot for too long. Gonna start early with the twins!

    1. but barefoot is so much more comfy and easier!! :) heh!

      price to pay for being lazy!

  2. my mum said no shoes till they turn one. so teanne went everywhere barefooted or maybe, just socks if i feel like it. after one, my mum is like "you gotta let her wear shoes to learn how to walk in them!!"

    1. I KNOW!! i totally remember your theory from when meimei was 7 mos old when we first met!! and look at her now!! walking so comfortably in her shoes!!

      fingers crossed it a passing phase! :)


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