Tuesday, August 20, 2013

jessica alba's book - the honest life

when my girlfriend first told me she was reading this book, i was skeptical. wait what? another celebrity writes a book? meh.. seen too many! but i've been a huge fan of jessica alba since forever and even more so after she didn't lose her charm after having two beautiful daughters...

i wanted to see if she's for real and if so, how does she do it?

firstly, i have a confession. im not the most eco-friendly, organic food loving person on earth. i get the values and i appreciate the efforts but i often find it hard to keep up with it where we live.

but this book is something else. its easy to read and filled with gorgeous pictures of jessica alba and her family. and its like an easy to read guide filled with great resources and ideas. not at all preachy or critical of less eco-motivated people like myself. the book has a few sections :: home, style, beauty, parenting and food.. all very relevant to my daily life. 

and she makes life sound like a breeze. its not a strict "you MUST do this!" rule but more of a "try your best" and watch out for what you buy or eat. its kinda inspiring and at the same time leaves me wondering how she does it all! i have half the number of kids as her and i find myself strapped for time! and here she is.. acting, writing a book, cooking (!), hosting parties, being a fab mum, working out and all of them while looking superduper (daniel-approved) hot! woah!! 

it also made me a little jealous that we don't get access to her company's line of products largely geared towards mothers and babies.. i mean, if im supposed to be changing diapers for a few more years, can someone get me some of these nautical print or ice-cream cone prints!? 

thanks sue-ann for the book!!



  1. Hi Zhing, my bf has been very into her all this while (*trying hard not to admit my envy for her gorgeousness in front of him )! Im so gonna give this book a try after reading your review! =)

    And oh, thanks so much too for your recommendation on iHerbs products,i love love my first purchase on the essential oils, i have been not very careful with my bf credit card bills, you know what i meant (winks!)!

    1. heh! channel your inner jessica alba! i seriously don't know how she does it all! does she had 48 hours in a day or what?

      and yayy for iherb! i just got a second shipment of yummy things!


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