Wednesday, August 14, 2013

this child's mine!!! :)

since our last this or that post, i keep getting (nice) people telling me how much blake reminds me of daniel. which is nice i guess... since i think daniel isn't too bad looking himself..

but it makes me a bit indignant. 
like in a "hey! i contributed to this too... y'know?"
plus it makes me self-concious that i looks like blake's asian nanny when i take him to the playground. hahahah...

then dad sent me this picture!!

i guess he is my child afterall! what a relief! :)
toothy grin, side parting and grubby knees included!! 

p.s. thanks dad for this picture! im sure daniel is making his own "this and that" picture as we speak! :)



  1. He really does look just like you!

  2. He looks just like you--- too cute!

    My baby (she is 9months old) looks just like my husband. And it is true. And terribly frustrating, I totally know where you are coming from :)

    1. sometimes im reminded that its not that bad a thing that my child (a boy) looks like a boy! instead of a petite skinny asian girl! but obviously my ego doesn't like to hear that!

      your girlie is adorbs!!


  3. HAHAHA i couldnt stop laughing at the asian nanny!
    and yes he does look like you, i think you need to bring this pic along :p


  4. Ahhh too cute! Almost exactly the same!


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