Monday, July 1, 2013

hello monday!

things have been a little quiet lately... the haze took over our city and drifted off, we've been on vacation and back, my crawling kid is now trying to walk. and more importantly, while i was on our beautiful vacation...

i lost my phone!!!

that damn phone is my security blanket and my entire life. and im afraid to admit that it has become an unhealthy obsession. ironically, the morning i wrote about a mindful life... i took my child for an early morning walk on the beach in our jammies. it was such a lovely sunrise and i finally talked blake into digging his toes into the soft sand. and as he was starting to have fun, i did what the worst mom on earth did.. i took a video!! *slaps forehead* 

instead of enjoying the moment, getting all sandy with him, cheering him on... i took on the role of a reporter and took a 360 degree panning viddy of him giggling. it was going to be the cutest insta-video... then i must have dropped the phone there, took my sandy bubba into the ocean for a dip and back to our room. and by the time i realized, the phone was gone.

i was a little upset that i lost it but thankfully, the husband is a tech-nazi and has backed everything up so i still have my pictures!! but i felt so lost and for a while didn't know what to do with my empty (hands and) pockets of time. but mostly, i was guilt-ridden that i HAD to bring my phone that morning... to document such a beautiful moment. but wouldn't it be better just to be there with him? am i living my life to blog?!? and to what end?

i don't have answers yet and need a bit more soul-searching.. i don't think i can go cold-turkey with all my tech and social media but perhaps take a step back and prioritize myself (and my family) ahead of cute blog entries! as a sorry reminder, im also using a (dingy) old phone that's so slow i can't take cute pictures anymore.. *bahhhhhh*

"mama! look at me not your phone!!!"

and guess what? i had the loveliest of vacation after i misplaced my phone. i napped when the bubba napped (cos there was no videos to watch, no instagram to read and no fb to update!), we went for more walks than ever and we had so many meals without me getting as distracted! and i didn't need babyconnect to feel connected to my baby!! 

what a timely and much needed reminder!! 

gahhh i just wished i still have that silly video! ;)



  1. Sometimes i guess you have to lose something to realise what you have! Sad truth!
    Aww Blakie in clothes with Elmo is just so cute!! And that expression hahahaha.


    1. yes! thats so true! daniel kept saying that he's grateful i didn't leave the baby on the beach and walked back with the phone! :)

      heh! those are his PJs! we woke him up too early for the flight so he was in his PJ all morning!! lol

  2. Blake is so adorable and growing up fast!

    1. he is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy huh?

      sad to say his behavior is still very much like a baby... bahhhhhhh! :)

  3. i know what you mean about being in the moment! at the ball the other night, everyone had their phones out and were taking photos/videos of the performances etc but coz i'm shy like that, i just left my phone in my clutch and just watched.

    we can take our memories with us wherever we go but we can lose pictures and videos right? :) *hugs*

  4. isn't it a wonderful moment to realize how we all lived before everyone has a phone? remember the pager times and way before then? i'm so guilty of being stuck to the phone too. especially after i got the iphone. I was fighting the trend to get myself the stupid phone for the longest time, amidst ridicule from friends and family. Then J had to get me one for Christmas. I admit, it's a very good way to stay in touch with my family and friends (whatsapp and face time) but then comes the other distractions (Instagram, candy-friggin-crush, words with friends). It's the first thing i look at in the morning, and the last thing i touch before i go to bed. I

    always tell the parents of babies i teach. Enjoy the little moments you have with your kids, because they're not gonna last very long!

    1. yeah! that phone is ridiculously addictive!

      do you still teach babies?

  5. nope not teaching anymore, but sign him up at Julia Gabriel's!!


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