Tuesday, June 25, 2013

reads :: the miracle of mindfulness

this is a very unlikely book in my reading list. 

its neither pretty nor exciting.. doesn't have funny stories and zero pictures. and if you know me in real life, you'd definitely not associate me with anything peaceful, meditative or calm.

but my mother in law was reading it and told me i should give it a go.
it was an easy read, she promised.

i breezed through it but yet i felt like i needed to go back to re-read it slowly.
it was fascinating and insightful. i know that i'll never have the patience to sit and meditate after a long day but there are definitely some practical ideas on how to achieve mindfulness.

a few things from the book i found interesting ::

- concept of time

i find myself very time-poor. especially with a little active baby joined to my hip. im always whingey about how i've lost "my time". such a debbie downer right? the author shared an anecdote. if you view your time as a pie, split between your child, spouse, work, chores... then yes, the time left of "me" is usually not a lot. but if you view your time spent with others as your own.. for example when im taking blake for a walk. if i focus on sharing his presence, thinking of creative ways to interest him and appreciating the experience, instead of thinking of the dinner i'd rather be preparing, i find myself befitting from the walk as much as he does. easy peasy! :)

- the concept of now

im a fantastic multi-tasker. i pride myself in my super planning (and overbearing) skills, im always running multiple projects at one time and am always two steps ahead of myself. this is the reason why i manage to squeeze that many things in one day but also the reason why i never switch off. im very guilty of having lunch while planning dinner. this book talks about how the most important time is now. the most important perosn is who you are with now and the most important pursuit in life is making the person standing by your side happy. isn't that dead simple? but not?

- about social service

now... this one is a sore topic for me (and will be for years to come). as much as i love to spend time with blake, i occasionally question the decision to put my work aside... especially why the going gets tough. or when i miss dressing up. or when i really want to buy a really indulgent something that i don't feel like telling daniel.. maybe its the disconnect from society. or my egoistic brain that feels like i should be putting my brain to better use. but this book reminds one that social obligation often forgotten is the very people around us. if you can't serve your family, how will you serve the society. if you can't make your child happy, how will you make anyone else happy. that's something i really want to work on. 

there are tonnes of little gems in this book. and reminders about life. im sure im missing the real important bits in my speed-reading but im going to mull over a few things that jumped out and go back to re-read it. 

thanks for the excellent recommendation, ma!



  1. thanks for sharing that Zhing! Especially that about the concept of time. As I was doing the dishes the other night, I had a little vent at the sink (to myself) about having no time for myself.. If Pocket's not constantly following me around the house, it's me having to do something for someone - errands, chores etc... I guess we all fall into a rut somehow, sometime. Always nice to be reminded of how thankful we should be to even have the things and PEOPLE we do around us :D *hugs*


    1. oh i feel you!! you should read that book! there's this bit about washing dishes you'd love!!

      *bigggg hugs*

  2. Hey hon, I love this entry (and I am not going to hunt down that book)! Am also guilty of major multi-tasking and not really being 'present' so thanks for the reminder :*)

  3. *AM. Am going to hunt down that book. Haha.

    1. heh! i giggled when i saw your first comment! But yes! have a read and see if you have any insight...

  4. Sounds like a fantastic read! I'm completely into books like that now, how to be in touch with your inner self, to be present and aware at all times. I'm gonna have to pick up this book (digitally, of course! *sheepish*)

    1. oh don't feel bad! digital is the way to go!! i have too many physical copies of books that i can't bear to part with! and have no space for!!!

      hope you enjoy the read!


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