Thursday, July 4, 2013

a little hello from muumuu beans...

i got an email from a reader asking about musashi and what happened to his letters! :)
(muu is secretly thrilled that you still remember him!)

truth is... this dog has been to the war and back!!

remember his last letter? that was more than two months ago when he was diagnosed with nothing and sent home with vitamins? he was still limping a month after that and we felt like something was wrong. so we took him to a different vet for a second opinion and found that he had a fracture in his hock! *gahhhh* we were so mad (at the first vet) and guilty that we didn't realize that earlier. instead we've been giving him stern instructions "muumuu.. use your legs." but he had a fracture in his teenyweeny leg!! must have been sooo painful!

{muu's scans}

but by the time we found out, it had been too long for us to fix it. and given that he is an old dog (10 years young!!), the new vet advised us not to operate on his leg. it didn't help that the bone that he got a fracture on is only 0.5cm! so tiny!! so he put poor muu in a cast for two weeks. poor little guy.

and when his cast was removed, he was so itchy he kept licking his paw... so we gave him a super short cut to help him deal with the itch and the heat.. but my heart was broken each time i spotted him all skinny and naked. it was the right decision because he stopped licking and the short hair made him a less easy target for blake to attack (gah! that child is the meanest kid sometimes..)

sorry i've not been writing about it.. 
i didnt want to whinge about things until they were resolved.

but he's almost 100% now! he walks with all four legs.. occasionally limps out of habit but as far as we can tell, it doesn't hurt him when he uses that foot. on the downside, he is back to jumping up on couches and beds.. which is how we think he got that injury in the first place!!! so naughty!!

anyway, hair grows back and he is starting to look like his usual naughty self!! 
hang in there, little boo! 
can't wait to take you out again!!



  1. Oh the poor little thing. Hope he recovers really soon.

  2. Oh dear... I would have been so angry with the first vet! :(

    1. yeah we were kinda disappointed! seeing that we paid SOOOOO much too! the horrors!! safe to say.. we're never going back to them!

  3. let me know if you need good vet recs! one of my best friend's cousin is a vet in Singapore :)

    i hope muu is feeling much MUCH better now. tell him Pocket - and Pocket's mummy and daddy - send their love, hugs and kisses!

    1. oooo thanks for the recc! can i grab the name of your best friend's cousin?! we will stick to the current vet at the present moment but doesn't hurt to have another doctor on standby!

      thanks for the love pocket!!! (and family!)


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