Friday, July 5, 2013

thoughts :: being thankful

im going to come across as being very insecure. but a huge part of me LIVES for approval from others. it is both a good and frustratingly bad thing...

on the upside, it drives me to be a nicer person and do the right thing. but on the downside, i care (a little bit too much) about what other people think. even significant people in my life can affect my day in a big way.. like a random stranger pointing out that my kid doesn't have socks on.. or when our PD said "you need to rethink your social obligations.." gahhh gets to me! all the time!!!

that i need to work on.

on of my BIGGEST fear when we knew we were pregnant is that our friends won't love us anymore. you know... you hear about how life gets in the way and you lose friends as you get older? i didn't want that. we are one of the first parents amongst our friends and didn't want anything to change. of course, a baby would turn the world topsy-turvy. but i wanted our friends to be friends still!

after the initial baby-hype died down, we thought we'd be hearing a lot less from our friend. i mean, who would want to hang about boring fuddy-duds who go to bed at 9pm and are perpetually tired and always talking about the woes of parenthood, right? 

but we were sooo wrong!! 

our pals hung around, they worked around nap times, we did a lot more home-based dinner parties... we met for dinners after bedtime. when we had a babysitter, they were always around to take us on a wild night in town!! and now there's even talk of baby-friend travel plans!! they are downright rockstars!! and guess what? as a bonus, some of our dear friend were actually fans of this kid and would voluntarily come hang out with him, buy him tonnes of amazing gifts and take him on walks!

 as a double bonus, i got to know a bunch of mummy pals better! they knew exactly what to say and would laugh when the going gets tough. and hand you a napkin when things get messy! such a blessing to keep my sanity in check!

god bless my amazing friends.
i do love them dearly.



  1. Hugs to your buddies! I plan my outings around breakfast n lunch so that I still stay in touch. There were some ad episodes of course. But I think I tend to make more effort now to plan outings with friends and they really appreciate it. And I am proud to say I Hv never been late for any! Think being a mummy makes us all the more efficient too!

    1. yeah breakfast and lunch is the way to go! its such an irony that we used to be THE couple that wouldn't make it out of the house until past noon! and here we are suggesting breakfast!! :)


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