Wednesday, July 3, 2013

wanderlusting :: the windy city

after having a bummer start to the week, we decided to get our act together and plan our next vacation....

 we're headed to...

we're super excited but a little naggy bit of me is dead worried about the flight. we've been pretty lucky with flights thus far but 20 hours is a long time to be stuck in an airplane with sccchrreaming kid!! but i reckon if we can conquer that, we can take over the world!! 
(go blakey go!!)

it has been a long time since we've visiting mainland usa! and im about to pee in my pants thinking of all the awesome stores i've missed! as much as i would love to revisit some of my favorite cities with the bubba (and show him off to my friends in virginia...), we had a long think about the way we traveled and since d's running in the chicago marathon, we thought this would be the PERFECT excuse! 

we're definitely going to check out the bean, chicago theatre, target (ya... i know..) scoff down some deep dish pizzas, visit sue the t.rex and the children museum and tonnes of bike rides in the park!! i hope the weather stays beautiful for us!! 

if you have any recommendations or must-dos in chicago, 
please drop me a note!! 



  1. Ooooh.. So jealous!! Have fun and safe travels! :)

  2. Allo I'll be there from mid August! If you wanna meet up or anything. Let me know. :D

    1. ooooo tell me when you're settled in! we're stay around the loop in town!! :)


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