Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the closest i'll come to talking about poop....

you know how they say you start talking about yucky things a lot.
and in great detail.

unfortunately, its true.... 

just the other day, baby blake saved a huge surprise for his dad. seems to always happen on daddy's watch... he's a good kid like that! ;) and i overheard this:

"woah!!! there's a party in your diaper and EVERYONE's invited!!"

p.s. im still giggling while typing this.
p.p.s. i have a very juvenile sense of humor...
 p.p.p.s. stuck a random picture of the party host just to make things better...



  1. HAHAHA lucky mommy hahaha!

    p.s the host is too cute! i request for more pics!


    1. i'll let him know to start his own blog and stop hijacking mine! *wink*

  2. hi Zhing, this is too funny! I bet little Blakie is a real good host! ;)


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