Wednesday, June 12, 2013

lusts :: a brand new swimsuit

now that i can safely say that pre-baby body is NEVER coming back..
*cue sad song* 
i've been wondering if its time to invest in a new swimsuit...
and maybe something more age-appropriate..

{from here}

im thinking this one would be a comfy piece to chill by the pool and sip cocktails. BUT if i try to explain that to the sport nut of a husband, he'll tell me point blank that THAT is the reason why the pre-baby body is never coming back.. *face palm* 

anyway, what do you think? cute?
any other favorites i should check out? 



  1. darling your post baby body is better than most people's pre baby bodies.

    1. oh you're too kind honey!! have you seen the girls in korea?!?


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