Monday, June 10, 2013

blogs i love :: 100 layer cakelet

hello hello sunshines!!

how was your weekend? we had a fabulous time celebrating our pals' baby shower (in singapore they use it in a different context.. our friends baby shower was held after the bubs born. kinda like a meet and greet! i was initially a little confused! but we showered her and the baby with gifts and oodles of cuddles and love so i guess all's good! but i digress...)

which made me realize that... our friends are slowly going through a different phase in their lives too! we're starting to busy ourselves with baby showers, (the singaporean style) baby showers, birthday parties.. its crazy!! 

these are all friends we used to skip lectures with, hang out at cafe cartel and share one pasta and unlimited fill of bread. and then there were the boyfriends. (and the breakups..) then the engagements. and then we were each others' ushers and receptionists at weddings... the husbands. and now the bubsies!? madness.. 

(little disclaimer here cos im sounding a little smug.. we do have unmarried/married without kids pals too that we hang out and have a roaring time with!! we love you to death and are in not hurry for you to "join the gang"!!)

but i once couldn't imagine us (and our friends) having families and now look at us all fuddyduddy swapping tips on naptime!!


even the blogs i used to read have grown up!! like my all time favorite 100 layer cake which i was completely obsessed with when we were planning our weddings... she now had an equally chic baby blog - 100 layer cakelet! so stinking cute ... 

circle of life and all that cheesy stuff that people say! 
you didn't think i was going to come to some deep insightful conclusions, did you?

hope y'all have a beautiful monday, peeps!



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