Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a morning cuppa with the mister...

we snuck in a quick morning outing to town one morning! caught the red cat, free city bus, for a few blocks and found ourselves in the middle of sleepy perth. mind you... this was right smack in cbd, on a weekday morning but it didn't feel like it at all! it was all relaxed, open and sunny!! complete bliss!

we popped into a completely random cafe for brunch, with a lovely cuppa and sat outdoors basking in the beautiful sun. and it struck me that life should be like this!

 a fuss-free decent coffee without reservation, without crowd. coffee/brunch shouldn't be a huge fuss (like it is back home!)

baby blake toying with his new dummy! 

so pleased with the cool weather he didn't fuss throughout brunch! 
an absolute treat!!

we then split up for a wander around town. the boys hit up the supermarkets while i went to peter alexander and target. that's it! and my loot was mostly for blake..

"as it should be, mother." 

and that's all the shopping i got done! we thought we'd have another chance to go shopping later in the week but somehow got distracted by other errands! i didn't even step foot in david jones or myer!! ah all the more reason to go back to australia again soon i guess! ;)



  1. My mother in law told me that that's what happen when you have kids, most of your shopping seems to be for the bubs :) Besides, what they have at Myer and DJs, you would probably find in SG, so you didn't miss out on much :)


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