Tuesday, May 14, 2013

woodbridge riverside park, perth

one of the LOVELIEST thing in perth is their parks! daniel noticed that when you looked at the road directory, there wasn't a page that had less than 3 parks! and they weren't wussy little gardens but beautiful grand parks with so much attention to detail it would put our botanic gardens to shame!

we'd initially planned to go to kings' park but were told they were filled up to the eyeballs so we rerouted and went to woodbridge riverside park instead! this park was amazeballs too! the play area was so spacious and mining-themed! i wanted to use blake as an excuse to go on the flying fox but he was too busy...

doing this...

and snuggling up with our rellies! we barely saw him all afternoon!

the family brought an elaborate picnic to share and the kids had bicycles and toys to run around the park with. we plonked blake on the grass so he could have a wriggle around... 

but these little munchkins had other plans! he was most smitten by cousin isabella! 
he was all puppy dog eyes all afternoon!

with cousin hanna 

the entire family got onto the grass to do baby yoga with blake but he REALLY wanted to be picked up instead!! :) 

ah my hearts so full just looking at these pictures! we enjoyed a simple but lovely afternoon basking in the sun and each other's company.

it makes me so proud to see blake interact with our family.. they are so generous in the love the shower upon the little one!
now we just have to figure out how to spend more time in australia!

ahhh too many places too little time!!



  1. This is lovely. I can feel the family love just by looking at all the pictures.I'm sure all your relatives love Blake dearly, I mean who wouldn't? He's such a cutie pie!

    1. ah families are the best, huh?! blake is very very blessed to have so many lovely people to grow up with!!


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