Thursday, May 16, 2013

cottesloe beach, perth

one of the things we wanted to do was to visit the beach! we brought a car full of swimming gear hoping to dip our toes in the water but it was a little overcast and we started our day too late so we decided to do the next best thing... to have lunch overlooking the beach.

on the recommendation of our aunt, who lives near the beach, we were told to check out the blue duck, which had the yummiest seafood dishes on their menu! we're not typically fishy people but ended up with a table of delectable fresh seafood! i was particularly excited to try the marinated octopus with haloumi & watermelon!! worked out really nice!! it was a nicer restaurant so we didn't want a screaming baby to bother the other patrons so we opted to sit on the deck which was a great decision afterall! the view was spectacular!

while we ate, he chewed on a bit of plastic! :)

the a-team!!

the water was rather cold but we couldn't resist dipping his toes in! he's been to the beach in singapore but the waves in perth were much bigger and louder..

so we had a bit of this each time the waves came close... 
such a drama king!

we decided to give him a break and let him play on the sand instead. 
leaving a trail of drool everywhere he goes... that's our boy!

we went for a little stroll and watched some older kids surf before packing it in and heading over to our aunt's for dinner!! prior to this trip, the family caught wind that blake's a keen "swimmer" so they got him swimmy gifts.. rashguards, board shorts, sun hats.. all so cute and serious! i can't wait to see blake running through the waves and having a ball with his cousin one day!

then we can crack open an ice cold beer, relax and watch this stunning sunset!
can't wait!! :) 



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