Thursday, May 9, 2013

a good morning...

don't you love it when something seemingly terrible ends up being a good thing? 

we had one of those morning where bubba decided that his new wake up time is 6 freakin am. very frustrating especially since we were on vacation so there is no reason for anyone to be awake before noon! so i scooped his chatty bums up, threw him in a his stroller, bundled a towel and some snacks and headed off to the park right behind our hotel...

the weather was cool with a little peak of sun. and we lay our towels out next to the pond. he did a bit of tummy time while i did a little bit of yoga... we chatted about life, he squirmed and tried to eat a bit of grass, we read a little and sang a few songs... and the entire time we were there, only a few people walked past us on their way to work and waved at blake. we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves...

we met some black swans (which we later learnt is iconic in western australia) and ducks who were VERY interested in blake!

pink jammies love!

we'd just learnt about this paper bark tree! so we tried peeling a few layers off! 

 he got the giggles and i got a tonne of baby kisses..

it's marvelous to spend a lazy morning walking around barefooted on grass, feeling the fresh breeze in our face. by the time we got back into our toasty hotel room, the husband was awake and fixed us up a yummy breakfast! win-win situation! 

p.s. all of this done before 10am! 
ahhhh the things you achieve when you don't sleep in till noon! :)



  1. every time i have my day off, i tell myself NOT to sleep in. and every time i fail, i tell myself i'll pop right out of bed NEXT TIME AROUND :P

    it's really nice to see Perth through your eyes. i'm reminded of how pretty it can truly be :) xx

    1. heh! :) im the same way! and it does take a fresh pair of eyes to make you appreciate your own city huh?

      i just rediscovered some gorgeous nooks in singapore! i walk past them without noticing but its so cute! xx


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