Friday, May 10, 2013

of bubbas and mamas...

im not going to mince words here but i've been having a few rough days... 
what we thought was just a post-vacay cold turned into bronchitis. and to rub salt on wound, i came home from the doctors only to leave bubba on the bed to grab him a sip of water
and then the loudest "THUD" on our hard wood floor...
worst-mom-in-the-world moment.
(and i still feel the pain..)

needless to say, my first mothers' day isn't going to be as picturesque as i'd imagined.
but as i sat there, all teary, rocking my baby and profusely apologizing to him for not watching him closer / saving him from the bump / knowing that it wasn't "just a cold"...
i badly wanted our mummies to be there. to tell me that its all ok, to rock me to sleep and to give baby blake the love and attention that i wasn't able to provide... basically to save his (and my) day. 

that's what our mummies do best. they swoop in and save the day.
and kiss every booboo better tirelessly.

thanks for braving every cold and every bump in the head with us, ma!
motherhood sure isn't a glam job but both of you make love look so effortless.

we're eternally proud to be your kids...
love you truckloads!!



  1. It happens, even when we have all precautions put in. I can still remember when Peanut climbed over the back of the couch so quickly she fell on her head too (2 years ago) and then Jellybean did it 2 weeks ago too.

    Big hugs for Blake and hope you have a great Mothers' Day :)

    1. thanks!! i know they survive the fall. but my heart! *gasp* who knew i was going to be so dramatic and weak hearted!!!

      you have a fabulous mothers' day yourself!!! hope you have huge surprised hiding under your bed! xx

  2. If its any consolation my son had his first fall at 14 months too while we were asleep ( I co-sleep with my baby). I felt just like u worst mom in the world . But then I realise every mummy has this moment so I guess it's all part of growing pains? Sorta like u need a little crisis to mature as a mummy... :) and at the back of my mind I think this little experience also helps my baby grow ( and he'll nd more careful next time too. Cheers!

    1. 14 months! i beat you to it. he's only 6!! booooo on me!!

      but you're right! i needed this to help me toughen up a bit! hoping he's learnt his lesson and not squirm off the bed!! *sigh*

  3. awww.. you need a great big hug! hope all of you feel better soon!


  4. have a great mother's day hun! you deserve it! it might not feel like it now but it will ALLLLL be worth it --- all the bumps, smiles and pain --- just to see Blake's eyes light up when he sees his Mummy! :)

    also, this might sound RIDIC but my friend placed a bowl of cut up onions in her son's room and her son's chest infection.. GONE ---

    i hope Blake feels better soon *hugs* xx

    1. thanks babe!!

      and wow! that sounds interesting! i'll give that a go! i can see how it works though!! thanks for sharing!

      i'll holler when he's all well again! xx


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