Wednesday, May 8, 2013

perth :: our first vacation with the little one

we got back from perth last week. and we miss it so much already! its hard to put a finger to what exactly we miss. when we decided to fly to perth, it was purely to "test-flight" with blake! we didn't want a wussy two hour flight but didn't have the balls to start with a twelve hour one so we thought five hour was a happy medium. it helped that we had family to visit so smugly, we packed our bags, did ZERO trip planning and rocked up at the airport with no expectation at all!!

let's see... the flight was pretty much a non-event. blake was in good spirits, nursed quietly on the take off and landing, napped when we put him down... but he was mighty amused by the in-flight bassinet, especially the proximity to the next baby! it was like play-date made in heaven! unfortunately, his little pals had a chesty cough going (which i suspect was where he caught the bug from..) but he was having so much fun we couldn't bear to take him away. i guess we have a traveling baby!! yay!

but back to perth... 
we were charmed through and through by this sleep little city! the pace of life, the beautiful views, the stunning parks and the thought that goes behind planning them and oh the love that was showered upon us. we came back wishing we'd spent more time there so we could lounge around a bit more and hang out at a more leisurely pace! i have a feeling if we had visited perth earlier, we might have considered it as a place to stay because its such a fabulous place to raise children. 

needless to say, blake had the best time of his life! 

actually, there was no magic to this trip. no fancy date night (we went to kfc! lol), no extravagant shopping involved (i only walked into two stores! completely unheard of!!) just a lot of sunshine, picnics, fresh air, good homemade food and solid time with the family. and it totally ranks right up there in our list of favorite vacations!!

oh... we are changed people i tell ya! :) 



  1. I'm looking forward to the day when I can finally travel again! hopefully with the baby!

    1. actually.. wished we traveled with him younger but we couldnt take time off work then! its easier when theyre teeny tiny! :)


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