Tuesday, April 2, 2013


im a little bit blue today...
cos my mother in law left to go home last night. i know she's got her own life to go back to and grown up things to deal with and all but it has been the most fabulous month ever. 

i honestly don't know anyone other than these two ladies that will sit with me and have lengthy discussions about our latest sleep plan (pat, swaddled, tummy/back...) or what (when and how!) we're going to feed blake today. frankly, its too much even for daniel. but they're gold! they follow every harebrained new plan and when i give up in frustration, they step in and give it another five minutes.

blake, you are so so lucky. 

 last week, these ladies took me and blake to celebrate "yayy! blake didn't get a fever from his 5th-month vaccine".

on hindsight, they'd have celebrated "yayy! blake got his first fever" anyway...

sometime last week, i got mad at the grandmas. for eating too fast. and too little. but they was rushing through their meals so they could hold blake before he starts fussing. isn't that kinda sweet (and mean of me?!)... but for all the awesome things his grandmamas are good for... they really need to brush up their picture-taking skills (maybe that's what granddads are for ... heh!)

anywhos, i need to go back to moping (and mopping and tackle that huge pile of laundry). and that kiddo that no longer has his amma to read and sing funny songs to him... he'd just have to wait a few more months until she visits again!

come back soon mama. 
we miss you already!



  1. grandmas really do love their grandkiddos a lot! :)

    - Cayce

    1. yeah! i really don't get it!! :) but its soooo sweet to see them together!

  2. Awww, maybe you can fly over with Blakie to visit Grandma? :)

    1. we will! :) and when he is older, he is doing the flight himself over his summer vacations to hangout with her! xx


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