Monday, April 1, 2013

letters from doggie :: thirty - eight

happy easter! i had a little easter treat hunt at home because mum baked cookies (and made a little mess) and blakie is onto solid food (and made a bigger mess). but i cleaned EVERYTHING off the floor! yes.. im amazing like that! 
(im free for hire is anyone needs cleaning services!!)

 recently.. a lot of THIS has been happening! blake is starting to be a little bit more mobile and a lot more drool-y!! but this silly child goes apeshit crazy when he spots me! he wants to give me hugs all day long!

so mami is using me to motivate him to crawl.. 

"mami.. he's drooling right at me again. 
may i be excused?"



  1. Awww.. cute... Does Muu run away from all that drool? Hehe

    1. he does!! he cringes when blakie drools on him! poor baby!

  2. Replies
    1. they're hilarious together! i can't wait till they can entertain each other and i can take a long snooze!


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