Thursday, April 4, 2013

life just sends you little surprises...

earlier this year, we talked extensively about travel. 

we've had to defend our decisions a few too many times but as long as blake's part of the family, he travels with us. i know he might not remember it. and i know it'll cost us more. or change the way we travel. but that's what families do. we stick together.

and we talked about going to london to see family. and tag along a work trip.
but work didn't happen and i got impatient so we decided on australia instead! 
and once we booked everything in... 

guess what!?
BANG! major work trip!! with clashing dates!
we could have TOTALLY tagged along!! but instead, now poor daniel has to fly the red-eye home, pick us up and then off to the airport again to head across the world in a different direction. 

boooo.... bad planning (unlike our coordinated slouchy grey tees here!)
oh well! at least we know that daniel would be konked out in-flight and probably won't be bothered if blake screams the roof off. that's one less person i'd need to worry about!

oh well...

p.s. with the exception of romantic getaways, everything else, he comes along. 

p.p.s. completely unrelated pictures of brunch at kith's because i like posts with pictures!



  1. Same for us - no need to defend to anyone! We have holidays and then, we have romantic, just-us getaways (I mean, how to even have a chance to have siblings for the kid, right?!).

    1. heh! :) just need a break from the little munchkins sometimes!!

  2. i sometimes catch myself mid-sentence because i've just compared a friend's baby/child to Pocket but i'm a crazy dog-mummy like that, so sue me right? THAT SAID, i wish i could take Pocket everywhere with us. but we can't so, pooo :P


    1. hehe!! i know exactly what you mean! I compare blake a little bit too much to musashi! as we speak, the good kid is snoozing with his tongue out and the naughty one is having problems settling in! *beeeeg sigh*

  3. You coming to Melbourne? If you have time for a coffee, I'd love to meet the bub and you! :P

  4. unfortunately not.. we're going to Perth! d has family there and we've never been to visit!!


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