Thursday, February 21, 2013

spike & dadda

over the weekend, we got obsessed with this short animation series called spike and dadda! first spotted it from my girlfriend's blog, bubble tea love, and we love it!

it's about spike and his dadda (doh!) and their little daily adventures..

my favorite one is this and this! i was in bed watching it on my phone when i turned around and saw it also playing on the husband's ipad. then we took off our headphones and had a giggle that we're such goofballs.. and heard it playing from our living room! our mum was playing it from her ipad! 

hahahaha! its obvious why we're family!

hope you enjoy it too! 



  1. Haha cute. You gotta teach Blake how to dance like that too!

  2. we'll leave the hip thrusting moves to uncle taro! :)


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