Tuesday, February 19, 2013

blake :: our swimming baby

daniel's dad is a super swimmer. 

he's very keen on swimming, races competitively and coaches multiple times a week. and we would love for blake to enjoy the water as much as his grandpa. so we were thrilled when the little munchkin loves bath time! its clearly the best part of his day (which is a relief because he is so mucky he needs two baths every single day, rain or shine!)

when he turned three months, we decided that we'd introduce the concept of swimming to him. 
we got him little swimdiapers and inherited a neckfloat from a girlfriend. the first few times, he wasn't too pleased. in fact, there was a day he merely dipped his toes into the water before squawking in displeasure. so we packed things up and went home (a little disappointed)!! 

but not before long, he started warming up to the idea. we slowly dipped more of him into the water each time and introduced the neckfloat. and held him while he floated until one day, he turned around and started kicking! and off he swam! a little speedy one! 

he still lacks a little control of direction but is happy splashing around the baby pool.. 
(p.s. we're always following closely after him of course!) 
his grandma got him little rashies from australia so we're trying them on him next time!!

the weathers been yucky recently so i've been filling up the tub for him to splash around in. initially, i got in with him to keep him company. but i guess it was squeezy so he squawked for me to get out of the tub so he could swim. he would reach each corner in three kicks and squawk for me to help him u-turn.. demanding, much? 

i wish i had an extra pair of hands to take a picture of muumuu cowering in the corner of the bathroom, because he didn't want to miss out in the fun, in disbelief "how could anyone enjoy the water? are you even my brother?"

these boys make me laugh! 

we're gonna introduce him to the beach next weekend. 
fingers crossed he loves it!
unlike his unswimming brother!

*** edit :: a very kind friend told me very nicely that i've got his floatie on wrong. get this. its backwards forward and upside down!!! *face palm* hahahah!
i guess you really do learn on the job huh? **



  1. haha wow!!! did he just start kicking without any lessons? it must come naturally in your family :) That neck floatie is hilarious!! do babies not use the one that goes around your waist?

    1. i think they say that babies have that natural instinct to swim cos they spent time in water for 9 months! :)

      i think they do as well when they're older but they start with this one when their necks aren't that strong yet!

  2. The neckfloat wasn't invented when i had kids. I feel like i missed out. It's so fun reading your baby posts.

    1. hehe! :) its all these new baby trends! can't wait to see whats next!

  3. this is so cute!
    i wonder how they feel with the floaties around the neck aikes!

    1. hey! we were wondering too! *high five*

      so..... we tried it (just to give you an idea of how fat his chin/neck is!!) and its kinda fun! daniel strapped it on to do running exercises underwater! heh!


  4. came across this old post and i LOL'ed at the upside down float. hehehe… I too tried it on just to find out how it feels like


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