Thursday, December 27, 2012

the cutest!

you know i have a thing for shoes right?
check out the cutest boy shoes ever!!

im deadly allergic to children shoes with little squeakers, or music, or running lights or wheels. but i know i'll prolly eat my own words when my child starts demanding for a pair with all of the above features. all in one. but till then, i getta decide on what goes on his little feet. and these little guys are spot on precious!!! 

wanna see the best part? wait for it....

has his name on it!! 
isn't that super duper awesome?

thanks auntie j for the gifts! 
blake ('s mama) loves it!! 

p.s. i don't know if singapore does boxing day sales. 
but im defo going shopping with blakie today!! yayy!!



  1. Oh Zhingy - They are so YOU! (oops - I mean they are so Blake! lol) Good luck finding sales! We spent the day shopping IKEA... no sales, but our office if finally outfitted! xoxo

    1. i found some!! not as fabulous as in usa though! *boooo*

      yayy! i wanna see pictures of your new office!! :) is it still a bud cave?

  2. This is such an awesome gift. Super like!

    1. definitely something he'd wanna keep forever!!! kiddy stuff are so fun to collect! :)


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