Friday, December 28, 2012


when mum first brought me to manicurious, i was immediately in love with the space.
how could i have not known of this place earlier than my mum!! :) 

the shop space is divided into retail, cafe and tucked right in the back is dedicated to their nail services. it was so quirky and cosy like you've stepped into the home of someone really cool! i especially loved the little quotes on the wall and the comfy chairs you sink into to get your nails done. so when my folks offered to get us pretty nails in time for christmas... we couldn't say no!

chillin' my cousin whose back from sydney! :)
 while we kicked back and got our nails all pretty, our moms had coffee and we all chatted the afternoon away...

and while we were waiting on each other.. we were tempted by these cuties!

blast from the past! 
(those bah zhang five stones are brilliant!!) 

and little fairy gem magnets.. couldn't resist!

and little whimsical brooches!
i picked up some for my girlfriends!!

check out my littler than little heart! :) 

blakie boy looking extremely bored here! but in his heart, he was beyond excited to catch up on the latest gossip on nail colors and harper beckham's bonpoint outfits! i had so much fun i got vouchers for some girlfriends as chrissy presents so i have an excuse to revisit with them again!! so... till next time, manicurious!! :)  

p.s. thanks for the recommendation, ma!
and yes.. you're pretty cool!



  1. Ooh heard loads about this place.. looks like I should pay a visit soon! Love the manicure you picked for yourself. That heart is the cutest!

    1. hehe!! it was so boring i had to add the little heart in for the festive season!!

      you should go visit! you'll love it!! it doesn't feel like one of those manicure places where they pack you in tight!!


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