Friday, October 5, 2012

having a little too much fun....

i was just talking to the best friend the other day, who is still blissfully pregnant past her due-date
y'know? shopping, waddling, wearing heels while juggling our bumps...

ya i know...exciting stuff like that. 


we realized that one of the perks we both enjoy is getting our nails done.
no big surprises because we used to do it together when we were living in the same country 
*dramatic tear* 
but i've since brought it to another level.

because im fearfully afraid that i'd pop earlier,
i've been getting my nails done weekly.
in a different shade to match what i reckon my bubs will wanna see momma in. 
one week - a classic french. but what if bubs thinks im uptight and boring?
next week, neon. 
bit too trendy, then deep blue with magnetic thingmajig (sooo cool!).
and on to the next fad.

guess what!? my best friend does the SAME!! 
guess that's why we're tight!

p.s. im also aware that i'll be really sore when i can no longer win arguements with
"but.. im carrying your child!"
i actually might need to use reason and grown up words. 
le sigh.

have a wonderful weekend, loves!



  1. You move onto "I carried your child AND WENT THROUGH LABOUR"!! Ahem, yours truly havent lost an argument for 2 years (I threw in the breast feeding bit too).

  2. GOOD one! im committing that one to memory! :)

  3. Hmmm... I think you should coordinate your next manicures to whatever adorable outfit you have chosen for the bub to come home in. That way you'll be perfectly matchy matchy in those pics! :)

    1. thats a cute idea! :) i have just the color in mind!! hopefully i'll make it till my next manicure appointment on thurs!! xx

  4. oh god. this post made me realise just how ugly my nails are! Think i might sit down tonite and do some self pampering!

    1. sounds like a great idea! :) hope you pick a fun color for sunday night!! xx


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