Thursday, October 4, 2012

a little birthday surprise (for deaf & me!) ...

a few weeks ago, we were celebrating the best friend's birthday
just a little girlie catch up, some spa treats
and silly balloons!

and walk-into dinner with the best surprise and 
the most awesomest birthday cupcakes...

isn't it hilarious! its muu!!!

more birthday-ness..
we didn't get too many pictures from the evening cos we were busy chatting but here are some more fun ganked from instagram!

what a surprise!!!

me and the silly birthday girlie!!!
(and thanks for sharing your party!! and for being the best pal ever!!)

silliness! :)

the party team in mustaches!

the morning after, muu was unimpressed at the "sniff but no lick" policy!
sorry you missed out on the fun, buddy!


  1. oooh, happy belated birthday to the both of you! looks like you guys had loads of awesome fun!!

    1. it was a blast! who knew turning 30 could be fun! i always imagine holing up in bed and sobbing up a storm! :)


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