Monday, October 8, 2012

my happy place ...

as part of my birth-training preparation, i got this book a while ago. 

i've not been diligent in my reading. and joke that i'd still be cramming it while in labor in a cab. but part of the exercises is imagining a happy place.

 and i think this. 

it was my last vacation with my family. it was rather last-minute, had a client cancel their wedding so hopped online a week before departure and booked in my tickets.
unlike most other trips, there was very zhing-planning. i.e. no minute by minute itinerary, no crazy dinner reservations that takes months to secure. we did pretty much whatever we fancied when we woke up. and it was glorious.

so my happy place was spending many sun-drenched afternoons with my brothers. 
without a care in the world. nibbling on fish and chips from brown paper trays while perched curb-side at covent garden, picking little trinkets from cute fleas, staying up to watch greys anatomy on our laptops... all these precious snippets gave this moment its joie de vivre.

what's your happy place? 



  1. I was going to take a hypnobirthing course but procrastinated and never got down to signing up for it. So I downloaded the book and cd but I kept falling asleep every time I tried to read it!

    1. lol! its commitment, i tell ya! they recommend signing up for a class (that can be conducted over skype) to train you to go into the "zone" prior to childbirth. i would so fall asleep if anyone plays me soothing music!


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