Friday, October 26, 2012

happy friday to you!

its a public holiday in singapore
 and we're taking little blakie boo out to attend his first birthday party!
we are also planning to pop home to my parents place to spend some time with them.

we're still trying to strike a routine with the littlest so
that's the most exciting thing we've done since his birth!
wish us luck! 

in the meantime...


 isn't this a darling idea using washi tape to decorate a room?

have a lovely weekend, y'all!



  1. Enjoy your family day! Loved the latest Instagram pic - you look fabulous my dear, and very well rested. :)

    1. i've been lucky so far!!! the bubsie wakes up once at night for a major feed and i get to sleep most of the other time! :)

      hope you're enjoying a fabulous halloween weekend! i still have scotch's picture in halloween hat on my fridge! :)

  2. Haha.. Great thinking out of the box! Since u can't hang stuff over blake, tape it!!!

    1. i might make a huge "B" over his crib! :) and remove it when i get sick of it!

  3. a routine is good! just don't beat yourself over it when there are surprises. a little late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! Blake is absolutely adorable!

    1. man! you hit my weak spot! im terrible when dealing with the little surprises in life!! something im constantly working on! *sigh*


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